stool style. 

Stools are the greatest. They are so versatile. They can be the perfect small accent to a bigger piece of furniture or a room that’s missing a little something. Oh and I guess you can also sit on them. This stool pictured used to be in my bathroom so I could sit and blow dry my hair and read magazines (lazy girl tricks) and then push it under my sink when I’m not using it. I decided to convert it to a side table. It’s the perfect size to offset any furniture without being too overwhelming. Also the perfect size for a small vase of peonies!  So next time you’re in the market for a small side table, don’t forget about these little guys – plus, often times they are cheaper than tables, which rules. The one pictured is from Target, my ride or die for everything in my life, and the ceramic vase is Pottery Barn

Side note – this means I have to blow dry my hair standing up now, so we will see how long I will stand for that before taking it back to my bathroom…


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