everything and the kitchen sink. 

For the most part I like kitchens clean, white, grey, stainless steel and bare. It’s chic looking and also the most functional. Plus I need lots of surface space to mess up recipes. So countertop-wise, I have essentials – coffee maker, knife block, mail tray, stove utensils, cutting board, and kitchen aid mixer (yes, very essential. Plus it’s heavy as sh*t and annoying to move). But that doesn’t mean you can’t add some personal touches and decor to the kitchen space.  If you have shelves, do ’em up with photos, pretty dishes or cookbooks. If you have space between the cabinets and ceilings, put cool vases or bowls up there. They won’t be in the way and they’ll give the room a decorated feel. My favorite place to add my little happy makers is the kitchen window. Succulents, obviously. But if I’m out of them, I also like lemons for a fun color pop. Makes standing in front of the sink happier, which is good because that usually means you’re doing or ignoring dishes, both of which suck.  I need something fun to look at – I don’t roll up the shade that often because my view is our outdoor a/c unit that’s in the driveway and a really sad looking former garden that I swore I’d fix up when we moved in…oops. Gorgeous, I know. The only junk I like on the counter are the cooking ingredients I use frequently – olive oil, salt, pepper. They need to be easily accessible in my opinion. You can make it look more organized by putting them on a great tray or round wooden cheese board like I have. I’ve tried to achieve a look that is decorated and inviting, yet minimal and open. The kitchen should be a place where people can and want to hang out. 

Side note – the wooden cheese board and salt holder are from crate and barrel. Also, I put my dish soap in an olive oil container (that you can buy literally anywhere) because it’s cuter than a plastic bottle that says “Dawn”. Speaking of olive oil, if you live in Texas or happen to drive through, stop at Weikel’s Bakery in La Grange and buy their parmesan basil olive oil. It’s bomb. They also have other amazing things like kolaches and seasoned pasta noodles and Texas themed key chains with your name on them. If you’re lucky. 


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