master of the house. 

I wanted the bed in master bedroom to feel like a cloud and look like a piece of dollhouse furniture. It’s the only room I can make unapologetically dainty and feminine. But still, I didn’t want to take it too far, it’s my husband’s room too after all, so I tried to keep the palette extremely neutral with whites and earthy tones. I researched expensive beds I could try and copy for months and months, until I found this perfect knock-off (for lack of a better word) of exactly what I envisioned on Joss & Main. I’m usually afraid to order big things off the internet, but it did not disappoint. The upholstery is relaxed and soothing, and the trim is the perfect color  contrast. Totally hit the jackpot. I wanted to go more uniform than eclectic with my  bedding, so I chose this classic, neutral euro sham and duvet pattern.  Then all I had to do was add a million unnecessary pillows (can’t help it), and a throw blanket for the foot, and I had myself a grown up bed!  It’s a bit of a diversion from the style of the rest of my house, but it feels calm and soothing and very serene, which is exactly what I need in a bedroom. And the bed is so dollhouse. 

Side note – Bedding is from Pottery Barn. Throw blanket is West Elm. And the mattress is a Casper – one of those less expensive ones you hear ads for all the time on podcasts and the radio. AWESOME choice. Recommend. It’s really comfortable, way cheaper than most mattresses, and you order it online so you don’t have to deal with those aggressive mattress store employees. Is it me or are they pushier than car salesmen? Woof.


treasure hunting. 

IMG_5213I have this inner hoarder that loves to collect unnecessary little items I think are cute. I must have gotten it from my mom, who has tiny little pairs of all kinds of shoes all over her house. Entryway table, by the kitchen sink, in the powder room, on top of a stack of books – all over the place. I always thought it was totally regular and almost unnoticeable until a friend of mine commented on it one day. So I have a thing for all things cute and tiny obviously, but in particular – little bowls and dishes, and small buddhas. I used to save all my issues of Vanity Fair – I like the way the black and white spines look on a book shelf, but then I saw this episode of Hoarders that scared the sh*t out of me and convinced me that’s where I was heading so I threw them all out. I sort of regret it. So the struggle is real for keeping things uncluttered and displaying collections, but it can be done.  If you love an object I think you should display it. And if you’ve got a thing for something, build your collection. These items are happy makers. And homes need all the happy makers they can get.IMG_5249

Side Note – For accent bowls, trays, and dishes, Anthropologie is pretty much heaven.  Other goldmines I frequent are World Market, Tuesday Morning (I swear they have amazing dishes), West Elm, and various boutiques around Houston.  Definitely not into being pretentious with any decor, but particularly my knick knacks – that’s super lame.