entryway elegance in three simple ways. 

I stress about entryway tabletop displays big time. It’s the first thing people see when they walk in your house, and in a way, it sets the tone and mood of the whole place. I want my space to feel clean, subtle, and uncluttered, so I need an entryway that reflects those things. My canvas is a simple chest I painted white that I found in my aunt and uncles storage unit. Gotta love hand me downs. And relatives. First priority for me was a good looking lamp that’s not too big or small for the chest (I got this at a consignment shop for $30, swear to god).  And since I can’t resist displaying a book, I chose one with a very sleek and minimalist cover (also it helps that it’s called simplicity haha). A small painting offsets the lamp and adds some balance and symmetry. An absolute must is my favorite candle of course which is Nest in “Bamboo”. It’s the perfect scent. Not to flowery, not too musty, not too strong, but just right. There’s nothing worse than a strong candle in a scent that can easily offend…eww. The final touch is the flexible one – any object, depending on the season and my mood. The photos below are my entryway done three ways, swapping only one item. Minimal effort, achieveing three very different looks. How easy is that?

First I chose a succulent mix (duh) which gives things a little color splash and a lively vibe. Next I arranged a tall vase with long sticks. I love bringing the outdoors in, especially in this case – it feels big and rustic and natural, but it doesn’t take over, and isn’t too distracting. The most sleek and safest of all would probably be a good looking glass vase, this one is Juliska Berry & Thread. It’s timeless, simple, and elegant. Clean, classic, calm, vibes. That’s the impression I’d like to give. Probably because in reality I’m messy and full of anxiety….🤷🏼‍♀️.

Side note – I told you I have way too much bright white happening everywhere.


paint it black. 

I tend to be non-committal (hence my fear of color), so over the years I noticed I’ve accumulated a lot of plain white things. I love white. Absolutely love, don’t get me wrong. But after moving into a house with white walls that I’m too lazy and overwhelmed to even think about painting a different color, it dawned on me that there is such a thing as too much white. Not to mention, going all white is complicated. It requires the right shades and mixing of textures, and a lot of other things I clearly missed the mark on once I pooled my furniture and accessories together in my new place. It looked like I went mental and spray painted every surface and item I own flat white. It did not look calm and airy or modern,  it looked unfinished, sterile and dingy. I was in desperate need of contrast. I impulsively decided to paint my coffee table, a pair of nesting tables, and two lamps black. I’m actually pleased with the results. Too much of anything is never a good thing right? Well I can think of a few things, but still….The table lamp you see comes from Pottery Barn. The TV remote holder on the coffee table is from Target. The small white and grey vase is World Market. The standing lamp and coffee table were great finds in Roundtop, TX. And the large serving bowl is Juliska Berry & Thread.